75% Lead Cost Reduction

We multiplied this team's capacity and reduced the overall cost of acquiring leads by 75%.

Client: WEB3
Email & Linkedin Automation

We Supercharged an already strong sales team by leveraging tech to multiply outreach volume.

We must start by stating that this client already had a world class team in house. We didn't work against them, but alongside them to translate what they were already doing onto some modern tools that helped multiply the power of what the team was doing manually.

We worked collaboratively with our client to understand what types of clients provided the highest return, the shortest time to close deals, and which cost the least to maintain. Once we identified areas where automation could streamline and enhance efficiency, we automated repetitive tasks, such as lead nurturing and follow-ups, allowing the client's team to focus on high-value activities.

By multiplying their capacity through automation, the client was able to handle a higher volume of leads without the need for extensive manual labor. By reducing manual effort and optimizing lead generation processes, we achieved a remarkable 75% reduction in the overall cost of acquiring leads. The client benefited from increased efficiency, improved productivity, and substantial cost savings. Our automation-driven approach proved instrumental in enhancing the client's lead generation capabilities and achieving remarkable results in terms of cost-effectiveness.