500% Lead Growth

By helping our client make warm intros, we grew leadflow by 500%.

Client: Fundraising
Linkedin Automation

Fundraising in Finance requires TRUST. To build it, we started with linkedin.

Through consistent and strategic engagement over the four-month period, we achieved outstanding results. Our targeted approach generated warm introductions, referrals, and qualified leads from LinkedIn connections. The combination of personalized outreach, trust-building efforts, and value-driven content resulted in a phenomenal 500% increase in monthly lead generation for our client. Our expertise in leveraging automation and building relationships on LinkedIn proved instrumental in driving substantial growth and delivering exceptional outcomes.

To begin, we conducted thorough research to identify the client's target audience on LinkedIn. We then developed a personalized outreach approach that emphasized building trust and fostering genuine connections. Leveraging automation tools and our expertise in LinkedIn marketing, we crafted tailored messages and engaged with potential prospects in a personalized and authentic manner. By nurturing relationships and providing value through thought leadership content, we established a strong foundation of trust, positioning our client as a trusted authority in their industry.

Linkedin remains a high-conversion channel for this client where we see results that outperform the cost of acquiring clients via other channels.